Best Crypto to Buy Now October 25 – Conflux, Chainlink, Aptos

Best Crypto to Buy Now October 25 – Conflux, Chainlink, Aptos
With the cryptocurrency market seeing ongoing positive traction, analysts highlight potential picks for the best crypto to buy now. Image by

With the cryptocurrency market seeing ongoing positive price movement, analysts highlight Conflux (CFX), Chainlink (LINK), Aptos (APT), Bitcoin Minetrix, and TG.Casino as potential picks for the best crypto to buy now.

Conflux has been making headlines with its impressive price performance for the past few days. CFX’s strategic expansion in the UAE is paying off, with prices soaring by nearly 44% so far this week.

Chainlink has also grabbed investor attention following a 52% price surge, breaking through the $10 resistance level and emerging from nearly one and a half years of consolidation.

LINK now trades around $11.123, showcasing substantial positive momentum. The rally follows a major announcement regarding the launch of Chainlink’s staking V.02 slated for later this year.

Aptos similarly continues its strong run, recently surpassing the $6 mark. APT currently trades around $6.7188, rising nearly 36% on the week so far.

For investors interested in early-stage crypto projects, experts are also watching two high-upside presale prospects – Bitcoin Minetrix and TG.Casino.

Get an in-depth look at the latest charts, token fundamentals, and project updates that have Conflux, Chainlink, Aptos, Bitcoin Minetrix, and TG.Casino vying for the title of the best crypto to buy now.

Conflux CFX Price Breaks Immediate Resistance Levels, Soaring to Multi-Month Highs

TradingView chart for the CFX price 10-25-23
Source: Trading View / CFXUSDT

Conflux Network’s native token (CFX) is staging a notable breakout so far this week, surging through multiple key resistance levels to hit its highest prices since August 16.

After consolidating between $0.13 and $0.14 for most of August, CFX gained over 34% yesterday to break out above its 20-day, 50-day, and 100-day EMAs. The powerful rally continued today with CFX hitting an intraday high of $0.1735 and currently trading at $0.1580, up 0.64%.

This move highlights the intense bullish momentum behind CFX at the moment. However, the technicals suggest we could see some consolidation around current levels before another leg higher.

The RSI has moved deeply into the overbought territory at 75.40, signaling the CFX price is overextended in the short-term timeframe. Some sideways trading or minor pullback would allow this oscillator to reset before more gains.

The MACD histogram shows growing positive momentum at 0.0050, reflecting a strengthening bullish sentiment.

But CFX bulls must hold above the 100-day EMA at $0.144 to maintain control. This area is the first support zone if the rally stalls. Below that, its former range resistance turned support zone of $0.1364 to $0.1400 is the critical area to watch.

With CFX emphatically breaking out above multiple moving averages, the path of least resistance appears higher. But overbought conditions mean some choppy consolidation is likely.

A daily close above $0.1735 would confirm the uptrend, while a drop below $0.1364 would raise warning signs. Traders should look to buy the dip as long as CFX holds the $0.14 level.

Chainlink LINK Price Breakout: Surging Beyond a Year-Long Consolidation

TradingView chart for the LINK price 10-25-23
Source: TradingView / LINKUSDT

The LINK price has recently demonstrated a strong performance, breaking out from a consolidation range that has lasted for nearly one and a half years.

The latest surge, which seems to be fueled both by a bullish cryptocurrency market and positive Chainlink fundamental developments, saw the LINK price reach a new YTD high of $11.788.

Despite a brief 1.94% pullback yesterday, LINK has shown resilience, bouncing back with a 7.24% gain so far today.

Looking at the technical indicators, the 20-day EMA for the LINK price currently stands at $8.536, comfortably above both the 50-day EMA of $7.707 and the 100-day EMA of $7.263.

Such a positive gap between the short-term and long-term EMAs typically indicates a bullish trend, which aligns with the recent LINK price movement.

The RSI has further underscored this bullish sentiment, sitting at 82.05, up from yesterday’s 78.75.

This high RSI reading, although indicating that the LINK price might be in overbought territory, also suggests that buyers are currently very strong.

It may hint at a possible continuation of the upward trend, but investors should be prepared for potential short-term pullbacks as the market attempts to correct this overbought state.

The MACD histogram has increased to 0.381 from the previous day’s 0.333. This indicates that the bullish momentum is not only present but also growing, further strengthening the case for a positive LINK price outlook.

Looking at key price levels, the LINK price currently faces a horizontal resistance zone between $12.188 and $12.699. This range was last seen in April 2022, and overcoming it would be a significant bullish signal.

Meanwhile, the previous resistance zone, now a potential support zone, lies between $9.265 and $9.637. This range is also in line with the Fib 0.5 level of $9.452, thereby providing a strong cushion in case of a downside movement.

The LINK price is currently showing promising bullish signals, backed by both strong technical indicators and supportive market conditions.

However, as always in trading, traders are advised to keep an eye on these key support and resistance levels, as they will likely play a crucial role in determining the next direction of the LINK price.

As the RSI is entering the overbought territory, investors should proceed with caution and be prepared for possible volatility in the near term.

APT Price Prediction: Aptos Seeks to Break $7 Psychological Barrier

TradingView Chart for the APT price 10-25-23
Source: TradingView / APTUSDT

The APT price is currently showcasing a promising bullish performance, with a potential sixth consecutive day of green candles. Aptos (APT) is currently trading at $6.7188, up by 6.66% so far today as it strives to break its immediate resistance level, ranging from $6.4544 to $6.6691.

This resistance zone aligns with the Fib 0.5 level of $6.6235. If APT successfully breaches this level, the price could potentially continue moving toward the psychological barrier of $7.

The current price movement of APT is supported by a robust bullish candle, which is a positive sign for investors. After two days of low volatility and consolidation above the 100-day EMA, the APT price seems to have gathered momentum.

Looking at the technical indicators, the 20-day EMA for the APT price stands at $5.5277, slightly above both the 50-day EMA of $5.5020 and the 100-day EMA of $5.5709. This scenario typically signals a bullish trend, further substantiated by the recent APT price movement.

The APT price’s RSI has also indicated a bullish sentiment, rising to 80.43 from yesterday’s 75.87. While this signifies strong buying pressure, it also cautions of a possible overbought market.

Investors should be prepared for potential short-term pullbacks as the market may attempt to correct this overbought state.

The MACD histogram value has increased to 0.1992 from yesterday’s 0.1678, indicating growing bullish momentum in the APT price. This is a positive sign for investors and strengthens the case for a potential uptrend.

In terms of key price levels, the APT price is currently testing the resistance zone between $6.4544 and $6.6691. If APT can overcome this hurdle, it could set the stage for further bullish action.

On the downside, immediate support for the APT price lies at the Fib 0.382 level of $6.2139, followed by the 100-day EMA at $5.5709.

The APT price is showing encouraging bullish signals, backed by strong technical indicators and a supportive market environment. However, given the elevated RSI, investors are advised to tread carefully and be prepared for potential volatility in the near term.

Despite this, successful navigation of the current resistance zone may open the door to a continuation of the bullish trend.

Rather than relying solely on large market cap cryptocurrencies, forward-thinking crypto investors are diversifying their portfolios by securing developing projects during presale periods.

Presales provide exclusive early access to purchase new cryptocurrencies before public launch and exchange listings. This allows investors to buy tokens at discounted presale prices compared to costs after full release.

Bitcoin Alternatives: Promising Presale Cryptocurrencies

Two compelling presale opportunities to consider as the best crypto to buy now are Bitcoin Minetrix and TG.Casino. Both projects offer unique value propositions that could give them viability over the long term.

By getting in early during the presale, investors gain the chance to secure positions in these new cryptos at a lower cost basis before broader crypto market awareness spreads.

Bitcoin Minetrix’s BTCMTX: The Best Crypto to Buy Now for Mining Bitcoin Profits

Bitcoin’s recent surge past the highly contested $30,000 resistance level has sparked speculations of an imminent bull run. Experts now anticipate that this could catapult the cryptocurrency towards the $40,000 mark.

Crypto analyst Crypto Rover points to Bitcoin’s ability to overcome this barrier as a sign that the crypto winter may be thawing. Other factors boosting optimism include the anticipated approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF, which could inject up to $300 billion into the market.

While Bitcoin continues to be the talk of the town, a pioneering crypto presale is setting a new standard and is seen as the best crypto to buy now. Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) has raised over $2.3 million within a month, presenting an advanced platform for cloud mining Bitcoin.

$BTCMTX intends to open crypto mining to everyone through its stake-to-mine system. Users can stake $BTCMTX tokens to receive mining credits, which are swapped for Bitcoin rewards or cloud mining time.

The project has already attracted significant interest, ranking first on CoinSniper. $BTCMTX’s Telegram channel has also seen notable growth as crypto enthusiasts take notice of what may be the best crypto to buy now.

$BTCMTX has optimized its tokenomics for success. Over 40% of tokens fund cloud mining operations, while 35% goes to marketing and 15% to community rewards.

A $30,000 airdrop is also planned to excite users about what looks to be the best crypto to buy now. With less than 3 days left in the current stage of its presale, now is the time to participate before the next $BTCMTX price increase.

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Why TG.Casino’s $TGC Token is the Best Crypto to Buy Now for Crypto Gambling Aficionados

A new crypto casino built on Telegram is seeing a rush of investor interest in its ongoing $TGC token presale. TG.Casino integrates casino games and betting into the popular messaging application, Telegram.

TG.Casino’s presale has already raised over $1.48 million so far from early backers. The token price will increase by $0.0125 for each milestone in the presale, incentivizing buyers to get in early before the price rises.

With over 59% of the $2.5 million milestone already achieved, demand continues gaining momentum as more investors rush to get in early.

Unlike many crypto projects, TG.Casino already has a working product with its Telegram casino bot.

This separates it from other offerings that rely on trust that the team will build out the platform post-investment.

Users can already access the casino, bet with $TGC, and earn staking rewards of up to 348.5% APY on their holdings.

The project draws comparisons to crypto gambling platform Rollbit and its RLB token, which pumped 60% when a buyback program was announced.

With a current market cap of just $13.75 million at the presale price, TG.Casino could see substantial gains if it reaches Rollbit’s valuation.

TG.Casino believes Telegram integration gives it an advantage over first-generation crypto casinos. Telegram has 700 million monthly active users, though most are currently crypto novices.

By providing an easy entry point to crypto gambling within a familiar app, TG.Casino can onboard a whole new demographic of users who may be interested in exploring crypto but need a simplified, beginner-friendly experience to get started.

With presale demand rising as the price increases incrementally toward a $5 million hard cap, early buyers have an opportunity to get ahead of the crowd.

The token launch could see the $TGC price gain substantially based on circulating market capitalization valuation models.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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