BTCC Exchange Launches Futures Copy Trading with High-Profit Sharing

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Established in 2011, BTCC exchange is one of the longest-running and most trustworthy cryptocurrency exchanges. The company has recently announced the launch of its highly anticipated copy trading feature for perpetual futures trading. This copy trading offers up to 15% profit sharing for lead traders, plus a seamless experience for new traders to follow and emulate the strategies of top performers on the platform.

With over 1.6 million active users, BTCC has become a preferred destination for trading perpetual futures contracts on 220+ cryptocurrencies as well as popular tokenized stocks and commodities. The exchange is known for its top liquidity, competitive trading fees as low as 0.01% for SVIP users, an intuitive user interface, and a demo account for new traders. The introduction of copy trading on BTCC marks a significant milestone that will accelerate the platform’s growth.

In BTCC’s latest-launched copy trading feature, lead traders can earn profit sharing of 10-15%, one of the highest in the industry, based on their 30-day average assets under management (AUM), with profits settled daily. What’s more, the earlier traders begin leading, the faster they can build their AUM and earn the maximum profit-sharing rate.

On the other hand, copy traders will benefit from the experience of proven lead traders and can easily customize their copy trades with settings like increasing position size, setting maximum margin, take profit and stop loss per order, and copy stop loss, which are designed to help copy traders manage risk and optimize their copied portfolios.

With two modes of copy trading—trading a fixed amount and trading a certain ratio of the lead trader’s margin—copy traders can trade futures based on their habits and risk appetite. Moreover, they can copy up to 10 lead traders, with no limit on the number of trades to copy.

BTCC’s copy trading feature is currently one of the most competitive in the industry, as it offers easier and clearer trade management by separating copy/lead trades from users’ own trades, daily profit settlement, and higher profit sharing percentages than other exchanges.

To celebrate the launch, BTCC will run a limited-time Halloween event where both lead and copy traders can earn special rewards for participating earlier.

For instance, lead traders can earn up to 2,400 USDT each in withdrawable rewards by attracting copy traders and ranking in performance metrics. Copy traders can get up to 250 USDT each for making their first copy trade and hitting copy trade milestones.

With the crypto market heating up again, it’s the perfect time for traders to take advantage of BTCC’s copy trading feature. Lead traders can build their reputation and profits, while newbies can learn from top performers. The profitable campaign lasts until November 30, 2023.

For a detailed look into the features, requirements, and rewards of the copy trading feature and the Halloween campaign, please visit BTCC’s official website.

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